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This meeting place of enthusiastic fishermen is the starting point for the excursions to the Piva Lake, the canyons of Sušice and Nevidio, to the lakes of Stabanj, Trnovo, Škrk, the Tara River ... the number of possibilities is unlimited.

The old town of Plužine was moved to a new location because of the building of the dam on the Piva River in 1967-1975. It has the best rafting guides, who will help you to feel the power of the Tara River and experience unforgettable adventures on its rapids. You will admire the beauty of the stream, the waterfalls and the canyon, which is second largest in the world.

Experience the charm of the canyons of Piva, Komarnica and Sušica. For mountaineers and for those who want to exceed their limit, an ideal challenge could be Nevidio, a canyon with such a configuration that the river of Komarnica is sometimes hidden from view. In its winding structure you will discover waterfalls, some of which are up to 100 metres high.

The Piva Lake and parts of the Komarnica canyon can be explored by boat. Join the fishermen and yachtsmen on the silent waters. Enjoy the atmosphere of the lakes of Stabanj, Trnovo and Škrk. Their autumn colours in the crystalline air and their mysterious flair in the fog will occupy a special place in your heart.

Indulge in mountaineering on the mounts of Durmitor, Volujak or Maglić. Don’t forget the most important monument of culture in this region, the Piva Monastery. You will meet the local people in the culture club, where they always gather and where all the festivities take place.


Piva Monestery

One particularly important Orthodox monastery complex in Montenegro is the Piva Monastery, originally located at the source of the River Piva, and then relocated to another location due to the formation of an accumulation lake for the Piva Hydroelectric Plant. Work on relocating the church lasted for over a decade, from 1970 to 1982. From the church walls 1,260 square metres of frescoes were removed and then relocated. The church building was “deconstructed” stone by stone and rebuilt at the new location, 9 km from Plužine.

The monastery Church of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God was built between 1573 and 1586 through the efforts of Herzeg Metropolitan Savatija, who later on became the Serbian patriarch. The church is a three-nave construction with a taller middle nave, without a cupola. In addition to the architecture, its value is represented in the fresco paintings. The main part of the church was decorated by anonymous Greek painters between 1604 and 1605. The upper parts of the porch were painted by a local painter – the priest Strahinja from Budimlje, who painted Akatist to the Mother of God, on the most prominent part of the church. On the lower parts there are works by the refined painter Kozma, dating from 1626. He also painted most of the icons on the gilded, richly carved iconostasis. The throne icons of the Mother of God, Christ and Assumption of the Mother of God were painted by the artist Longin.

Škrčka Lakes

Škrčka Lakes (Veliko and Malo (Big and Small)) are among the highest hydrographic objects in the area of Durmitor. Veliko Lake lies at 1,700 m above sea level, and Malo Lake at 1,730 m above sea level. They are located in a large cirque between Prutaš, Šareni pasovi, Bobotov kuk and Soj. Cirque is closed on three sides, so the lakes are hard to reach. The Lakes can be reached from Žabljak over Ališnica, by Bobotov kuk and Samar. This route is very difficult and can be reached in 5 to 6 hours walk. The peak can be accessed from another direction from Pošćenska area by taking the road that goes to Trsa. You can take all-terrain vehicles to Štit, and then you can walk to the area of Šareni pasovi. It takes 1 hour to climb and go down to the cirque of Škrčka Lakes.

Water of Škrčka Lakes that spills over the rim of the cirque and flows on surface on one part of Dolovi quickly disappears into pits buried under rolled down blocks. After some underground flow it emerges in the form of strong wells in the area of Skakala. This is where in the spring time strong course of the river Sušica, which in its middle course fills up the basin of the eponymous lake, flows on the surface to the river Tara.

Colour of water of both lakes is greenish and therefore Veliko Lake is also called Zeleno (the Green) Lake.

Trnovačko Lake

You should see for yourself why Trnovačko Lake is visited by so many people even though it takes more than 5 hours of hard walk to get it.

Trnovačko Lake is located in the far west of Montenegro, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. A forest path starting from Tjentište will take you to the lake through the place called Dragoš sedlo, along the upper stream of Perućica and high-mountain pastures of Prijevor. From Prijevor, the path takes you through dry grasslands and you can reach the lake in a 1 hour 30 minutes walk. If you start your trip from Plužine, the trail will take you along the river Vrbnica past Malo and Veliko Stabanjsko Lake. Since there is a serious rise and path from Plužine arduous, you can reach the lake in a 5-6 hour walk. 

Trnovačko Lake lies at 1,517 m above sea level. It is 825 m long and 715 m wide. Its water is clear and its thin layer in shallow parts on the west side is totally colourless. As the depth increases to the east, the water gets intensely greener.


In the cave of Odma, 3 km from Plužine, traces of a man were found who lived between 8300 and 1800 BC.

Two rivers rich in fish in the vicinity provided living conditions in this area in the middle Stone Age - Mesolithic. Among the items found there are harpoons made of buckhorn, clay dishes, polished stone tools and bones of tamed animals belonging to the first of the seven layers of culture.

Rafting on the River Tara

Lovers of nature and wild beauty come and experience the unique feeling of rafting on the river Tara - the wildest, the most beautiful and the cleanest river on the planet!

Rafting on the river Tara (or popularly called: “rafting”) is the most attractive tourist product of municipality of Plužine.

Rafting takes place on the most beautiful and attractive 18 km of the river Tara from Brštanovica to Šćepan polje, where Tara joins the river Piva and they together make a new river - Drina. This section of the river is the most exciting because it gives participants the opportunity to enjoy attractions of the river rapids and cascades, but also clearings, old churches and monasteries, mills and many other things. 

Cruise in the Piva Lake

If you are tired of everyday life, stress at work, problems and difficulties of everyday life, if you want to relax and refresh your body and your soul, visit Pivsko Lake and enjoy the cruise on its emerald blue waters. You will be warmly welcomed by our traditionally hospitable local “sailors” with their boats. Do not miss the opportunity to let yourself go for at least a brief moment and enjoy the romantic views of canyons of the rivers Piva and Komarnica. Here you can swim, fish, take photos enjoy beautiful scenery and dream... with eyes wide open! So, take the opportunity to tell your friends and family all about your experiences. 

Pivsko Lake is the largest reservoir of fresh water! Pivsko Lake is an artificial lake created by the construction of hydro power plant in 1975. In the place Mratinje on the 10th kilometre from Šćepan polje there is a 220 m high dam, which is among the highest dams in Europe. The lake is in some places over 200 m deep and it is 45 km long.

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