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Zalakaros Bicycle Trail 1.

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Teljes táv: 47 km
Össz. emelkedő:  310 m
Össz. lejtő: -310 m
Magasság max.: 216 m
Magasság min.: 103 m

Zalakaros Bicycle Center › Zalakomár › Kápolnapuszta Buffalo Reserve › Balatonmagyaród › Kányavári Island  › Balatonhídvég › Zala dyke  › Zalaszabar › Öreg Mountain › Nagyrada › Szelemi Mountain › Garabonc › Central Mountain › Zalakaros Bicycle Center

This is the tour that really shows Zalakaros and its neighbourhood, the land of Kis-Balaton. It is an untouched natural environment, authentic villages, little wine-cellars and nice wine-grower hosts. 

Leaving Zalakaros, going across Zalakomár, the tour route goes next to the buffalo reservation in Kápolnapuszta. If you have time, you definitely should visit this place and watch all those buffalos which are indigenous in our country. In the reservation you can see an exhibition that shows the fauna of Kis-Balaton, an exhibition about the buffalos and there is a path with rest areas and look-outs where visitors can take delight in the scenery with a telescope. You must pay an entrance fee to visit the reservation. 

The next popular excursion center is the Kányavár island, it is worth walking across its special wooden bridge and you can watch the scenery from the look-outs of the island with a telescope. If you want to go across the bridge, you might have to carry your bike on your shoulders because of the few steps, but the sight is worth the trouble. There is a path on the island, called great crested grebe path, going along which you can find photographic illustrations about the fauna of Kis-Balaton.

Leaving Balatonhídvég, you can obtain an insight into the unique life of the avifauna of Kis-Balaton. You go along a bicycle road on the dyke of the river Zala and you can find out-looks for watching the birds on the road. 

You should stop in Zalaszabar for a moment and see the statue of St. István who was the state-forming king of our country. The bust of Ferenc Puskás, the player of the legendary  Golden Team can be found here, too. Going across Nagyrada and Garabonc, you can see nice cottages, belfries, churches and there is a great view of Lake Balaton and Kis-Balaton from the vineyards which are between the villages.

If you have a chance, try a glass of local wine...

If you return from the tour and would rest after all those great experiences, try the famous medicinal water of Zalakaros!