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Zalakaros Bicycle Trail 2.

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Teljes táv: 22 km
Össz. emelkedő:  130 m
Össz. lejtő: -130 m
Magasság max.: 209 m
Magasság min.: 108 m

Zalakaros Bicycle Center › Zalakomár › Galambok › Fish-pond in Galambok › Galambok vineyard › Zalakaros Bicycle Center

If you wish for a bit of relaxation by bike, visit the fish-pond in Galambok. On the short tour, after Zalakaros, you arrive to Zalakomár and going across that you should glance at the neo-Gothic church which is decorated with frescos made by Dorffmeister. Galambok is the next settlement where you can find one of the most beautiful fish-ponds of South Zala. You can rest on nice benches in shady parklands. Sit for a minute and listen to the life of nature and get a sniff of fresh air. After leaving the pond, across the vineyards around the village you will see vintage wine-cellars, cottages and hear twittering on your way.  From the vineyard the short tour goes back to Zalakaros so it is highly recommended to people with children.