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Nemere Trail Greenway

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Teljes táv: 225 km
Össz. emelkedő:  2 250 m
Össz. lejtő: -2 200 m
Magasság max.: 762 m
Magasság min.: 515 m

The bike trail leads through 48 towns of the Trei-Scaune region so the the cyclist can see many cultural and natural sights.

Târgu Secuiesc tour: Târgu Secuiesc - Ojdula - Bretcu - Lemnia - Mereni - Poian - Sanzieni - Turia - Cernat - Albia - Dalnic - Moacsa - Reci - Let - Marcusa – Martineni - Hatuica – Catalina - Targu Secuiesc

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The touristic and economical presence of Covasna County and the Trei-Scaune region is defined by the area's unique features: a rich in touristic destination, multicultural, and an important cultural heritage.

The main theme of the greenway is the manors and spring water sources of the region as both are frequent sights around here. The trails are also suitable for walking and bicycle tours which not only promote health but also help the development of the local transport system. The cycling tourists can discover the untouched, authentic landscape, see the hidden natural, historical, and cultural treasures of Trei-Scaune.

Lovers of natural wonders can observe rare plants and birds, and it's easy to spot deers and foxes along the way. The many sights and trail options offer almost unlimited choices to the visitors. Explorers of the area can spot rare and endangered bird species such as the lesser spotted eagle, the European honey buzzard Uralian owl, lesser grey shrike, or the grey-headed woodpecker.

Mushroom experts can collect many species. Prevalent of the area are the field mushroom, the parasol mushroom, charcoal burner, and the clouded agaric.

Csókás traditional bath
Csókás traditional bath Photo: funiQ