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Country Park, Kapolcs

Opened in 2007, the open air exhibition is a Hungary-shaped,  3000 m² large park where maquette of well known buildings of different cities can be seen. It offers the opportunity to be able to see "all" of Hungary in just a few hours, as visitors walking around will see the Parliament, the Votive Church (Dome) of Szeged, Mosque of Pasha Qasim in Pécs, the Globus Cruciger statue in Székesfehérvár, and the Tihany Abbey.

The park represents not only the important buildings of the country, but visitors can also get to know the geography and flora of Hungary. And, naturally, the Danube, the Tisza and Lake Balaton is also "shown" on the map and supposedly it really contains water from Balaton. The park can be visited between March and October.