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Mór Jókai Memorial House, Balatonfüred

The novelist Mór Jókai and his wife, Róza Laborfalvy spent their first holiday in Balatonfüred in 1857 and the visit must have left a mark on them as they spent a few weeks here in the summers of the following years. 10 years later, they purchased the land where today the Jókai Mansion stands.

The eclectic style summer house was finished by the beginning of the 1870's but the property was already used in 1870 for their holiday.

Many novels of the famous writer were written in this house. Most famous of these is the The Man with the Golden Touch which was finished here.

Jókai sold the house after the death of his wife in 1889 but his family bought it again in 1908. The only Mór Jókai Memorial House of the country was opened in 1954.

The house has authentic furniture from the period and personal belongings of the author are exhibited such as his binoculars, part of his walking stick collection, minerals, shells. The exhibition also commemorates the actress Róza Laborfalvy with theatre props. Characters from The Man with the Golden Touch surround Jókai's desk.

In the garden there is a 120 years old empress tree which was probably planted by Jókai himself. There is also a bust of the author from 1961 and a statue of Goddess Flora.