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Balaton Paintball - Hill Field, Balatonfűzfő

Balaton Paintball has two paintball fields in Balatonfűzfő.

One of the fields in Balatonfűzfő is a hill field where only teams can play. Playing paintball here is an ideal program for families, friends, companies, school classes.

The hill is an ideal field for a real paintball battle. Straw bale bunkers, ruined cellars, the forest and the meadow can all be used for achieving victory. For those wanting more fun, it is worth trying the night paintball. With this, groups can book multi-day battles and they can also use the utilities for cooking and grilling between matches.

Opening times

The hill field can be booked by teams from the beginning of March until the end of November.


Address: 8175 Balatonfűzfő, Hegyalja Street 46.
Tel.: +36 30 937 3120; +36 20 466 9560

The other field of Balaton Paintball is the Balaton Paintball (field at the bob track).