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Halászcsárda (Fisherman's Inn), Keszthely

The inn was built by the Festetics family in the early 1930's. It was modeled after the csárda (inn) of Hortobágy and designed by Géza Svastics. The specialties of the restaurant were fish dishes which the guests could eat sitting on the columned porch of the building. The atmosphere was only complete with some pleasant music by the famous gypsy violinist of the time, János Árvai Tigris. The Halászcsárda soon became a favorite among the locals and tourist alike.

During the following decades, the restaurant became more and more famous, the building became a landmark and was featured on many photos and postcards. Unfortunately, in the 1980's the straw-thatched caught fire and burned down, and though it was repaired, the restaurant was closed in a few years and did not reopen for the next 20 years. 

In the early 2010's the renovation of the building began and the restaurant was reopened in the summer of 2012. Today the inn located next to Helikon Beach is operating again just like almost a century ago, serving local fish dishes and traditional Hungarian food complemented by the sound of gypsy music.