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Main Beach, Siófok

The most popular beach of the country is the Main Beach of Siófok which can be accessed from the middle part and eastern end of the Petőfi sétány ( Petőfi Promenade) and also through the park at the western end of the promenade. Covering an area of more than 8 hectares, the beach can welcome 13 500 people.

The huge beach has many restaurants, bars, rental services. At the eastern part there is a large area especially for people with disabilities that can be accessed easily. The disabled-friendly beach has a ramp with fence and a water elevator for the disabled, an induction loop for the hearing impaired, tactile track and boards for the sight impaired.

Also near the eastern part of the beach is a playground, a covered sand box, a sandy beach and a nursing room for families with children. There are also chess tables and a 6x6 meters large giant chess board.

The central part of the Main Beach contains a larger, sandy football pitch, and there is also a smaller one in the western part. Both can be used as volleyball pitches as well.

Starting from the mid-2000's, there were many renovations and expansions in the Main Beach with a new, sandy beach, a new main entrance, cashiers offices and restrooms built.

In 2014, the Main Beach in Siófok won the Blue Wave Flag award for the best beaches at the Balaton the 11th time.

Since 1996 every summer the beach is transformed into the Beach club which awaits the guests with fantastic parties. In the evenings there are also pop music concerts.

Opening times

  • Beach: 08:00-21:00
  • Cashiers: until 18:00
  • Changing rooms: until 19:00

Admission fees

  • Adult: 250 Ft/day
  • Children: 120 Ft/day
  • Adult: 1250 Ft/week
  • Children: 600 Ft/week

Between 16:00-18:00 50% discount From 18:00 admission is free


Address: 8600 Siófok, Petőfi sétány (Petőfi Promenade) 3. Tel.: +36 84 311 743