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Emmerich Kálmán Museum, Siófok

Emmerich Kálmán was a famous composer and conductor whose birth house was opened for the public in 1987. His best known operettas are The Gypsy Princess, Autumn Manoeuvres, Sari, Maritza, The Circus Princess.

On the ground floor of the memorial house, visitors can see items left here by the artist, for example his piano and sheet music. While walking through the rooms, we can hear excerpts from his world famous operettas.

In 1991 the artist's family donated some unique items to the museum such as the marble bust of Kálmán made by the Parisian sculptor E. D. Minazzoli in 1953, the plaster cast of the artist's hands and his Austrian Ehrenkreutz (Cross of Honour) award.

The museum is becoming more and more popular with tourists from abroad, there are many visitors from Russia. It is interesting to note that the mother-in-law of Kálmán was a lady-in-waiting at the court of the czar in St. Petersburg.

The floor level houses temporary fine art exhibitions.

A plaque was placed on the wall of the museum with the following inscription: "From this house began Emmerich Kálmán's (1882. X. 24 journey towards fame who went on to compose the immortal melodies of the The Gypsy Princess. The people of his birth village"

The glorious, sitting, bronze statue of the composer made by Imre Varga can be found in the Millennium Park.