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Kövecses Mineral Collection, Siófok

The largest exhibition of the minerals of Hungary is the culmination of the work of Lajos Kövecses Varga who has been collecting minerals for more than 30 years. Today the museum, opened in 1986, presents more than 3500 minerals and fossils from the Carpathian Basin - which is only a fragment of the whole Kövecses-Varga collection.

The museum has 5 rooms with 54 containers which contain many rarities coming from the mines of Transylvania.

In 2004, the owner of the museum, the collector Lajos Kövecses-Varga discovered an unknown type of mineral which he named kochsándorit after the well known Hungarian mineralogist, Sándor Koch. We can also see the first finding of this new mineral in the museum.

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