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Sajkod Beach, Tihany

Sajkod is located at the western end of the peninsula, far from the busy Tihany. Known as a holiday village, the most attracting feature of Sajkod is the grassy beach where the admission is considered very cheap compared to other spots on the northern bank of the lake. The small area is ideal for those who do not prefer the crowds but are attracted to romantic landscapes: the beach is framed by the sight of the bay and Western Balaton in front and the Csúcs Hill from behind.

Though the beach is small, visitors will everything that is needed: they are greeted by two fast food stands, and inside there is a rental service for kayaks and paddle boats. There are also showers, toilets, dressing rooms and even a small playground.

We can access the beach from Road 71, by turning on the service road at the Apáti Church Ruins which leads directly to the beach where we can leave our car in the parking lot.

The beach is also an ideal endpoint for a tour after seeing the Inner Lake or the magnificent lavender fields.

From the end of the beach, there is a road along the lake that once lead to the "Tea House in the Forest" which today can be found in Aszófő. The road is framed by the exceptionally clear water of the Balaton and the steep side of Csúcs Hill. Along the road there are information board presenting the rich flora and fauna of the vicinity.

Opening times

15 May - 20 September Every day: 08:00-20:00

'Admission fees

  • Children (1-14 years), pensioner: 150 Ft
  • Adult: 250 Ft


Open: 1 April - 30 September 

  • Car: 200 Ft/hours, daily ticket: 700 Ft
  • Motorcycle: 100 Ft/hours, daily ticket: 350 Ft


Tel.: +36 70 380 0328