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Villa Jókai, Siófok

Located at one of the most picturesque parts of Siófok, at the end of Jókai Park, the villa was built in 1897 and bears the name the well-known Romantic writer. Built by Dávid Braun in a Romantic style, the building was purchased by dr. Vilmos Fekete at the beginning of the 1900's.

Villa Jókai
Villa Jókai Photo: funiQ

Mór Jókai was a guest of the owner in the villa in 1903, during the last summer of his life. The writer frequently visited Siófok before, and used the experiences of his boat trip from Siófok to Balatonfüred as a basis of his novel, the The Man with the Golden Touch.

The building standing at the corner of Batthyány Street and Mártírok Street was fully renovated in 2011 and today houses the Hotel Villa Jókai.