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Villa Thanhoffer (Horthy), Siófok

The villa located at Petőfi sétány (Petőfi Promenade) was build by physician Dr. Lajos Thanhoffer in 1897. By building the elegant villa, the doctor intended to inspire his wealthy contemporaries to also build houses in Siófok in order to make it more popular as a tourist destination. The building is not only important for its spectacular design but because it served as the headquarters of Miklós Horthy, when he was Commander of the National Army, between August and November 1919. This is the reason why it is also known as Villa Horthy. Later the building housed the Kagyló Pension.

The city of Siófok purchased the villa at the beginning of the 2000's, they made some renovations and until 2013 the library of the Kodolányi János University was located here. During these years, the condition of the building decayed and a full renovation was needed.

The renovated villa was finished in autumn 2013 and today it houses a conference and event venue and also an exclusive boarding house.