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Töreki Lakes Study Trail, Siófok

If we would like to walk through the nature trail, we need to turn to Siófok-Töreki on Highway 7 at the 116th kilometer between Siófok and Balatonszéplak, and we will find the first station of the trail behind the petrol station there. The starting point is equipped with an information board in English. German and Latin.

This 9 km long trail, which takes 3 hours to complete, is located in the nature conversation area of Töreki. By walking through the study trail, we can learn about the artificial lake system, Cinege Stream and its surroundings.

The Töreki Lakes are located on a 300 hectares large area. The Cinege Stream runs here which is the only running water that enters the Lake Balaton directly.

The area also contains a large colony of sand martins and European bee-eaters. Many European birds migrate through the area, so in the autumn and spring season many, not local species of birds can be seen here.