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Jókai Park, Siófok

The 4,6 hectares large park is located between the train station and Petőfi sétány (Petőfi Promenade). According to historians, the famous racecourse of Siófok was located on the same spot.

The park with playgrounds and outdoor chess tables is covered with colorful flowers every summers. During the warmer months, the outdoor stage in the park, capable of accommodating 1200 people, is a venue for popular music events and other special productions.

The romantic English garden with many different species of trees and shrubs also has a small Japanese garden with a waterfall and small lake with little wooden bridge leading above it.

At the end of the huge park is the Jókai where the famous writer spent the last summer of his life.

At the Petőfi sétány, near one of the entrances to the park is a statue by Imre Varga which depicts the writer Gyula Krúdy sitting on a coach. The original sculpture was made in 2003 and can bee seen in Nyíregyáza. The copy in Siófok was made in 2004 by the artist with some changes to the original.