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Apáti Church, Tihany

The village of Apáti was located at the northern entrance of the Tihany Peninsula. The only remaining building of the medieval village is the Apáti Church. The Romanesque style church with a rectangular plan was built in the 12th-13th century. Its nave is wider and taller than the sanctuary; and probably there was a noble gallery on the western side of the building. The church was destroyed by the Ottoman armies at the same time when Apáti and the village of Újlak and its church was demolished.

In order the save the ruins from decaying, the floor was paved in 1942. After collecting funding from the public, the church was completely rebuilt in 1999, and today we can see it in its former glory. Though some still refer to it as ruins, today it houses regular mass services and concerts.

One reason for visiting the church is to see how the old churches of the Balaton Uplands looked like.