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Tranzit Art Café

Tranzit Art Café & Bistro near Kosztolányi Dezső Square is a well-known place in District 11. A former waiting room was transformed into a friendly bar offering cultural programs, such as exhibitions, concerts, literary performances and in summers, free of charge film screenings.

Award winning poet János Lackfi was also inspired by its ambience as he writes on the website of the Café: „As if a temple, the temple of travel had been transformed into a bar in sunny weather, when the terrace opens, sounds of urban life, the sounds of engines roaring, carpet beating, shop doorbells, cash registers, kisses of love, slaps of love, dry business greetings, baby talks, retirees pothering are “transiting” through the air. Those who would like to keep a finger on the pulse of life should sit around in Tranzit a little, watching art on the walls, having a Mexican chicken stew and drinking the carbonated soul of the city out of glass cup.”

The building used to be waiting room of a bus station in Kosztolányi Square built in 1963 by the design of Vilmos Félix. In 1999, when the station was moved to Etele Square the building was locked. Although locals expected restoration of the park that preceded the station, the waiting room gained a listed status the same year.

In 2004, an invitation for bid was issued for utilizing the building. The winner, Orsolya Egri proposed a cultural café providing various artistic programs. In 2005, Attila Borsay received an award for the detailed design. The platform roofs and the ceramic wall cover matched the original atmosphere of the waiting room. The concrete floor, wall mosaics and some old information signs remained to preserve memories of the original function.

The café is characterized by large glass windows and arrangement, furniture and extraordinary decor make it a cozy place. Basically, every innovation is meant to be abstract maintaining a clean and natural interior.

The café is ideal for work, chats and cultural experiences too. In summer, garden chairs and hammocks are available. Kids may play in a play corner and pets are also welcome. "We are a family-friendly place where culture is an organic part of life” said owner Orsolya Egri in an interview.

The bistro has been fulfilling the ambition of being a cultural center since the beginnings by organizing various programs, e.g. garage sale, religious roundtable, film screening, children’s drawing exhibition, exhibition on environmental protection, children’s book exhibition, literary events and concerts.

Tranzit Café is involved in charity programs also, such as a charity collection in 2015 and a charity campaign by donating a share of sales income to a foundation for children with cancer in 2016. Later on the bistro organized a festival called “Street of opportunities” to call attention to equal opportunity and family-friendly attitude.


Phone: +36 1 209 3070
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 9.00-23.00
Saturday: 10.00–22.00
Sunday and Holidays: closed

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