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Blue Pond (Kék-tó)

Blue Pond (Kék-tó) in Kéktó Square, Kelenvölgy is an abandoned mine pit filled with ground water and rainwater. Despite its name it is usually green.

Its origin dates back to the previous century. The brickyard of the Pulay family in District 10 began operation in the 1930s and raw material was mined in Kelenföld. The clay pits were filled with debris after WW2 and only this one remained.

Due to high ground water a drainage system was built to manage surplus water. Poplars around the pond also reduce water level considerably.

It is a small pond with a perimeter of around 250 meters and a maximum depth of 6 meters. Its name may come from the cleanliness of its water right after mining was stopped. Another possible explanation is the clearer water in winter when fish hibernate and material flow declines.

The pond is under the management of a local sport fishing association and it is used for sport fishing only as it is too small for anything else.

The pond serves as a habitat for carps, catfish, pikes, crucian carps and grass carps. However, the fishing club plants only carps and the other species appeared by accident, such as by birds transporting fish eggs on their body. Blue Pond has an intensive fish culture with a maximum plantation of 300-350 kgs twice a year as the habitat could not maintain more.

Swimming in mine ponds including Blue Pond as well is forbidden as steeply deepening water poses the threat of abrupt change in water temperature. For reasons of security the pond is fenced around.

Groups from a nearby school make regular visits and have lessons at the pond. Further programs for children also contribute to their environmental education.

The playground near the pond at Tó Street was remodeled and revitalized by the local government of New Buda in 2016 to make it safer and more modern. This project also included building a path around the lake.

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