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In grass, tree, and flower (herbs, honey, and fairy tale in Iklódbördőce)

Walking distance: 5 km
Recommended period: May to end of September.

Route: Lenti forest railway station - by train to Iklódbördőce railway station - first stop, a local producer is waiting for us - approx. 25-35 minutes walking east of the town's main street, then south to Rózsa Street 36. – shopping option -aAlternatively, you can participate in tale-programs or create herbal preparations.

The local product tour, which is about 2 hours long, can be organized as a family program with small children, but it is also suitable for school class excursions. From the railway to the demonstration site, the grower takes care of guiding.


Lenti (starting point from railway) – Iklódbördőce

The small railway network of Csömödér State Forest Railway is the largest in Hungary, with a total length of more than 100 kilometres. The journey from Lent to Iklódbördőce cemetery (4 stops) is approx. 45 minutes.

Iklódbördőce, the village of west Zala is situated at the junction of the Kerka and Cserta rivers. Iklódbördőce can be easily reached by car or train. From the railway stops, the farmer leads all the way to the site of the workshop.

Memoir of Kata and her family's herbal and bee-keeping show (about 1-hour program)

Katalin Lengyelné Csondor has been dealing with collecting the beneficial treasures of the surrounding forests and fields and using herbs and herbs produced in the garden, for example, tea mixtures. His son, Péter Lengyel is working with bees. As a member of the fourth-generation bee-keeping family, visitors can also take a comprehensive view of the history of bee-keeping.

In addition to the production, testing and tasting of products, you can also purchase.

Kata is a famous story-teller who receives a lot of love and enormous preparation for those interested in herbs. She is always prepared with a little snack and locally-made scented tea. We hope that during the program, many will take on a new habit that helps keeping our health.

The expected duration of stay in Iklódbördőce is 2 hours + train journey.

Basic program: presentation of herbs and apiary with tasting 1800 HUF / person + train ticket / special train (free of charge until 6 years)