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Traveling along the smells and flavours (Visiting an eco-farm and the lavender field)

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Length of tour: 2 km
Recommended period: May to end of September.

Route: Lenti forest railway station - by train to Iklódbördőce cemetery railway station - approx. 5-10 minutes walking to the entrance of the Ökotanya opposite the "Soutfork Ranch" gate, from here there is a lavender plantation - Purchasing possibility

The local product tour takes about 1.5 hours, this can be organized as a family program, but we also recommend to friends and work communities who love the special flavours. It can also be organized as a women's program, in which case the theme of the presentation is the essential oil made of lavender.


Lenti (starting point from railway) – Iklódbördőce

The small railway network of Csömödér State Forest Railway is the largest in Hungary, with a total length of more than 100 kilometres. The journey from Lent to Iklódbördőce cemetery (4 stops) is approx. 45 minutes.

Iklódbördőce, the village of west Zala is situated at the junction of the Kerka and Cserta rivers. The reservoir at the border of Iklódbördőce and Csömödér was established in 1967. (The forest railway goes by.) From the train station we turn to the lake. The limestone road to the eco-farm starts with the Ranch gateway here.

Ecotourism and Lavender Presentation (about 1-hour program)

Ecotourism and lavender plant are local businesses of two young agronomists. The agricultural engineer Krisztián Sabján has been farming on Zala’s clay for more than 10 years. Purchased buffaloes in 2012, which has become a pretty breed today. The development of agro-tourism is the eco-house, the center of which is a log house with solely renewable energy, with a kiln, parching and lavender. The lavender garden is the empire of Emese Sabján-Ozsváth. In the 2,5-hectare area, 30,000 lavender trees await visitors. The main flowering of the plant can be seen by the end of June, the beginning of July, the second flowering comes in September.

The estimated duration of the stay in Iklódbördőce is 1.5 hours + ferry.

Basic program: eco-nutrition and lavender plantation presentation: 800 HUF / adult, 500 HUF / child under 14 + special train

The base entry includes a visit to the lavender field and the host building, a presentation of renewable energy sources at the reception building, a glass of homemade lavender syrup and a lavish biscuit package.