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Visit to Lendava: a bicycle tour - just for a pro

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Teljes táv: 24 km
Össz. emelkedő:  360 m
Össz. lejtő: -360 m
Magasság max.: 326 m
Magasság min.: 165 m
Type of tour: Bicycle tour connected to the forest railway
Length of the tour: 24.2 km (variant B touching Lendva Center 24.3 km)
Recommended period: from early spring to late autumn.

Cycling is started from the forest rail station at Lenti. Starting from Csömödér, we will reach the forest rail station at 50 minutes. With cycling, the program moves between 6-8 o'clock depending on the starting point.

Description per station

Lenti - forest railway station

We turn south from the station and head to the Lendvadedes lake (via Gyár street), on the bicycle paths.

Lendvadedes Lake

The Lendvadedes Lake is an artificial reservoir formed by the valley of the Liponyak stream. The lake is a hiking destination for nature lovers. Walking through the village we continue our journey following the red sign to the Nagy-Tenke Mountain.


The 331-meter-long grape-hill called Nagy-Tenke is located at the edge of Lendvadedes, with a wonderful panorama of the Muravidék from its roof. Well-maintained forest road to the border (red flag). Let's follow!

Lendava Mountain

By crossing the border, taking 500 m, we will see vineyards and smaller cellars. The view is dominated by the modern lookout tower built in 2015 by Vinárium. From the lookout we can see down to Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Austria. Admission for adults 7 Euro/ person.

Keep to the city from the Vinarium. We will soon find the inscription on the Holy Trinity Chapel in the well-illustrated vineyard. Here is the mummified body of Mihály Hadik. Keep north from the chapel and turn to the road which heads towards Hosszúfalu.

Variant B: Steep downhill to the center of Lendva.

Hosszúfalu The Jewish cemetery, which was the burial site of Lendava Jews from the 18th century, is still predominantly inhabited by Hungarians. We can admire many old tombs under guarded conditions.

Return to Lenti by touching Rédics.