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Day 2: Tour to the valley

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Teljes táv: 35 km
Össz. emelkedő:  70 m
Össz. lejtő: -70 m
Magasság max.: 182 m
Magasság min.: 162 m

Hiking Trail: Lenti Forest Railway Station - Lenti - Mumor - Bárszentmihályfa – Lentikápolna- Kerkabarabás – Zalabaksa – Csesztreg – Baglad – Resznek – Belsősárd – Külsősárd – Lenti

Type of tour: Bicycle tour connected to the forest railway
Length of tour: 35 km
Recommended period: from early spring to late autumn.

Cycling is started from the forest railway station of Lenti. Starting from Csömödér, we will reach the Lenti forest railway station after 50 minutes. With cycling, the program moves between 5-7 hours depending on the starting point.


Lenti - End of the forest railroad

The small railway network of Csömödér State Forest Railway is the largest in Hungary, with a total length of more than 100 kilometers. We turn north from the railway station and reach the Kossuth street in the east direction along the bicycle road along the 75th highway.

Lenti castle

The fortress on the banks of the Kerka, mentioned in 1278, in a certificate for the first time. Using the former parts of the castle, at one end of the six-storey building, built in the 15th century, the former bastion of the castle is identifyable, and in the cellar there are medieval details. Today there are also ditches around the castle. Let's continue our journey east on the bicycle road.

We walk past the Lenti park forest, which is the most beautiful in the spring when snowflake flowers are blooming. When we reach Mumor we turn north. When you reach St. Joseph's Church, turn to Lentikápolna (west).


After Lentikápolna, we arrive at Csesztreg by Kerkabarabas and Zalabaksa. The village lies on the banks of the river Kerka. In the center of the town there is an old shepherd's house. The most famous attraction is thepastor’s church. (Exit) From Csesztreg we continue our journey to Baglad and Resznek in the south direction to Belsősárd.

Belsősárdi Lakes

The fishing lakes were created as a result of gravel mining. There is a resting place at the entrance to the lake system. After the exterior, we reach the 75th highway, where you can take a cycle path to Lenti.

Up the hill, down to the valley