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Pokol-lik (Hell Hole) Cave, Kapolcs

The cave, located at the border of Kapolcs, in the basalt of the Bondoró Hill, has been known for at least 3000 years. The cave is 40 meters long, 4,5 meters high, 3,5 meters wide with a triangular entrance. The first written mention of the cave comes from György Thurzó in 1610, and a detailed description of the cave system was written by László Oláh in 1834.

In the cave there are smaller lakes of drinkable water, which means the cavern could have been used as a shelter or a hunter's lair, and probably the people of Kapolcs found refuge from the Ottomans armies here. Of course, at that time the population was much smaller than today.

No special equipment is required for exploring the cave, only a flashlight is necessary.