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Lake Tisza

Lake Tisza active map (Cartographia, 1665 Ft)

Tisza-tó aktív térkép 2014

Lake Tisza, located in the Northern Great Plain, is the largest artificial lake in Hungary. With a surface of 127 km² it is second only to Balaton in size, its average depth is 1,3 meters. The region is part of the Hortobágy National Park and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The rich fauna of Lake Tisza presents many sights for the tourists. On the eastern part of the lake is the Lake Tisza Bird Reserve where more than 200 species of birds can be seen with guided boat tours. The area is a haven for many rarely seen birds like the Eurasian Spoonbill or the Black Stork.

The center of the lake is built for fishers. Many ports, hostels, shops await those who want to catch some of the 50 fish species of the lake.

In the south, in the Abádszalók Bay is the area for the lovers of water sports. This is the only lake in Europe where water motorsports are allowed. The visitor can jet ski, water ski, surf or sail on the 14 km² large area.

The gradually steepening beaches of the nearby villages are the perfect choice for families on holiday. Also there are thermal spas in the villages of Lake Tisza.

The Lake Tisza Ecocenter can be found in Poroszló, in the Kossuth Lajos Street. The largest fresh water aquarium system of Europe can be seen here which shows the rich water fauna of the region. The 7 hectares large park has a funfair, a zoo and a playground. In the local museum, items of 19th century life are exhibited.

Lake Tisza Ecocenter
Lake Tisza Ecocenter Photo: Ökocentrum - Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA

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