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Mojkovac bicycle trail

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Teljes táv: 340 km
Össz. emelkedő:  13 850 m
Össz. lejtő: -14 700 m
Magasság max.: 2158 m
Magasság min.: 658 m

Mojkovac - katun Žarski - Raskrsnica - Vranještica - Trešnjevik - Štavna - Trešnjevik - Konjuhe - Andrijevica - Plav - Babino Polje - Hrid - Plav - Vojno Selo - Gusinje - Vusanje - Ropojana - Alipašini Izvori - AndrijevicaBerane - Petnjica -Dašča Rijeka - Honciće – Rožaje - Ćafa Hajla - Bandžov - Vrelo Ibra - Cmiljevica - Kaludra - Berane - Lubnice - Kurikuće - Šiško Jezero - Lake Biograd - Mojkovac

The ascent from Mojkavac is demanding, but it takes you to the vast grassy slopes of the Bjelasica mountains into the peaceful world of the “katuns” – the cottages in the pastures. Time seems to have stood still here.

Overnight stays in simple huts in beautiful natural settings are offered. From Štavna, you descend on a scenic gravel road through lovely valleys, then to Andrijevica. From there, it’s uphill again to the Prokletije mountains. Surrounded by majestic peaks, you can distinctly sense, observe (and taste) the Ottoman influence on Montenegro’s multicultural heritage.

On the idyllic trails through pinewood forests, you enjoy an 80 km ride through two picturesque valleys and over the peaks of the Prokletije. From the highest point of the tour at an altitude of 2156 m (the highest point of all trails), the shimmering waters of the Lake Skadar greet you from afar, deep down and even the Adriatic Sea can be spotted; look down at the untouched glacial lake Hridsko at an altitude of 1970 m.

From Berane to Rožaje, you ride at an altitude of more than 1000 m through dark green forests, over lush meadows and grassy slopes into the populated valley of the Lim River, revealing Bjelasica and Mokra mountains from the other side. A narrow grassy trail takes you further north past katuns and mountain huts, until you reach the source of the Ibar River.

The last section begins with a tough climb back into the heart of the Bjelasica. Finally, you are rewarded with a long descent offering magnificent views and a refreshing forest – time for a break and maybe a homemade yoghurt in a katun along the trail – before you reach Mojkovac on you way through the National Park Biogradska Gora with one of Europe’s last primeval forests, past the idyllic lake in the deep green woods.