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Ruin bars in Budapest

A unique aspect of night life in Budapest are the so called ruin pubs. These pubs, found in derelict buildings have a special, often psychedelic vibe to them that attract many subcultures. Instead of renovating the buildings, the owners furnish them with the most eclectic furniture and decoration which gives the places their chaotic and artsy outlook. While the buildings are waiting for their possible demolition they give space to flourishing music and art scene.

During the decades of socialism, a strong underground culture developed, which had its iconic meeting places with their unique atmosphere and visuals. Today, ruin pubs bring back the nostalgia of these places and at the same time introduce them to a new generation.

Szimpla Kávézó and Szimpla Kert

The first ruin pub, Szimpla Kávézó was founded by four university student in 2001 and after it proved successful, they opened Szimpla Kert a year later. Today, the run down building with its chaotic design and the iconic Trabant turned into a chair became the one of the most popular ruin pubs in the Jewish quarter.


The two adjacent buildings were turned into a huge ruin bar by a group of artists. Entering the pub feels like we are in a psychedelic forest: above our heads, on the ceiling there is a school of fish, rabbits and foxes; but we can see bizarre object on the ground as well like a disused dentist chair. The pub has 7 thematic dance floors and two large courtyards.

Ellátó Kert

This ruin bar with a nice courtyard is located in one of the main streets of the „party district” of Budapest. Besides the all time classics table football and darts, we can also play table tennis and enjoy Mexican cuisine which is a specialty of Ellátó Kert. Cyclists can lock their bikes at the pub and Ellátó Kert is a dog-friendly place so feel free to bring your pet along!

Fogas Ház

The unique atmosphere of Fogas Ház is apparent even from the outside: the building has a sign which has a picture of teeth on it with words meaning 'false teeth repair' – it was inherited from the dentist that once operated here. Fogas Ház identifies itself as a cultural space and actively participates in the art scene and organises many cultural events.

Dürer Kert

It is located close to Városliget in a building that was once the Faculty of Humanities of Eötvös Loránd University. Besides the large courtyard, multiple dance floors and a stage with great band and performers are the guarantee of entertainment. We can play table tennis, table football, darts or petanque and try to sit in an old bus that parks in the pub.