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Museum of Torture, Keszthely

Located in the same building as the Casablanca Bar, the museum exhibits the most common torture and execution methods from the Far East to America, from the Middle Ages to the modern era, illustrated with wax puppets and images.

In creating the puppets, Tibor Túri Török, the founder of the museum was helped by students from the Hungarian Art Academy. The puppets, based on engravings and descriptions from the period, show the authentic torture methods of, for example, the Netherlands, France and Japan. We can even recognize Count Dracula and Elizabeth Báthory among the puppets.

The museum, located in a 200 years old mill, showcases many tools of torture, for example the iron maiden, the thumbscrew, Judas's ladder or the spiked chair.

Due to the gruesome scenes depicting torture, the dark rooms and horrorlike music, the exhibition is only recommended for the weak of heart (and stomach).

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