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Erotic Panopticum, Keszthely

In this unique exhibition the lush scenes of 18th and 19th century erotic novels come to life in 3D.

The two dozens of dolls, the characters in the voluptuous scenes, were created by sculptor students of the Hungarian Art Academy. The artworks are made of silicon and they look more real than the wax figures from before. During the making of the figures, the model - who also happened to be a student of the academy - was laid in a plaster cast which was later filled with silicon resulting in the perfect copy of the model. The development of the exhibition took 3 years.

The illustrations that were the basis for the daring, naturalistic scenes can be seen on the wall in the cellar.

But the depiction of scenes from Renaissance  and Enlightenment novels is not the only sight here, visitors can also get to know the erotic culture of India. In this part of the exhibition, piquant scenes of the Kama Sutra are shown, again with silicon figures. Also, pieces from the  facade of the famous Khajuraho Church are exhibited here. There is also a connection to Hungarian art history, as some of the walls are decorated by the erotic drawings of Mihály Zichy.

The museum, that, of course, deals with Marquis de Sade as well, shows not only historic people from the Renaissance but also some celebrities from contemporary sex scandals.

Admission to the museum is only for visitors over the age of 16.

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