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Nostalgia and Kitsch Museum, Keszthely

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." - We can read this quote from Dante's Inferno on a sign at the museum - for a good reason.

The private collection contains 5000 items, statues, paintings ranging from the 19th century to the 1960's. Besides familiar kitchen tools still used today, the visitor might be surprised to see a Czechoslovakian vibrator, a leather glove press machine or an old washing machine resembling a concrete mixer. And this is not even nearly everything! Among the other items there are old weapons, a tie iron. a razor blade sharpener, a telescopic glass, and hundreds of paintings on the walls.

In the back of the building is the Kitsch Museum, where we can see old porcelain figures, a gilded coffee sets, and other items that can be easily considered to be below or outside good taste.

Since 2014, in the nostalgia part of the museum there is a memorial room that looks like the doctor's ward where Elemér Liposits MD, "the doctor of the poor" worked. The physician worked in Keszthely for almost 40 years until the end of his life. The visitors can see his old tools and rare X-ray machine from which there was only 3 in the country at that time.

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