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Radio and TV Museum, Keszthely

The museum, opened in 2006 in a 200 year old, Baroque granary building, exhibits nearly 600 radio and TV sets.

The electrotechnician József Nádler has been collecting old technological devices and their documentation for more than 40 years. The exhibition's 70 TVs, 450 radios, 30 stereos and record players come from his collection and 70% of the devices are still operational.

The oldest devices are from the end of the 1920's. On the ground floor, the visitors can see Orion and Videoton products, and on the first floor there are early radios, record players and stereos. There is a really authentic atmosphere due to the background music which includes the well known Hungarian chanson "Hamvadó cigarettavég" (The Smoldering Cigarette End) by Katalin Karádi.