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Wonders of Albertfalva: the riverbank and suburban streets

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Teljes táv: 15 km
Össz. emelkedő:  39 m
Össz. lejtő: -39 m
Magasság max.: 119 m
Magasság min.: 97 m

Start: Móricz Zsigmond Square

How to get there:

by car: parking in nearby streets
by public transport: underground line M4; tram 6, 17,19, 41, 47, 48, 49, 56, 61; bus 7, 27, 33, 114, 213, 214, 240
nearest Bubi (Budapest Bike) Station: Móricz Zsigmond Square, entrance to underground line M4 or Kőrösy József Str.

Besides letting you discover the intact river bank in Albertfalva this biking route takes you to less-known spots of the area, such as the Blue Pond in Kelenvölgy, the park of Arany Dániel Square in Albertfalva. The route leads along shady roads and quiet streets making it a favorable choice even on a hot and sunny day.


Set out from the stop of tram 6 in Móricz Zsigmond Square along the biking lane in Karinthy Frigyes Street. Crossing Irinyi Street continue on Bogdánfy Street. Passing below the railway bridge turn right to Dombóvári Street and then left following the biking lane along Szerémi Street.

Unfortunately, the riverbank is not accessible in this area but at least trees providing shade along the road may give a little consolation. The baroque gunpowder magazine is worth a short stop at Galvani Street. Turning Kondorosi Street on the left you will finally reach the levee and continue your trip in the fresh air by the river until you reach Hosszúréti Brook in Budafok.

Riverbank of Újbuda The New Buda section of the Danube is an important part of life in Budapest. Kopaszi Levee and Lágymányos Bay provide various recreational facilities for visitors. The diner called Dunaparty Megálló awaits guests with a special ambience on the river bank at Savoya Park shopping area.

If you get hungry or thirsty just have a snack at Dunaparty Megálló, a popular riverside diner of the district. This bike friendly place is easy to recognize by a red double-decker. They have an extensive menu with typical beach meals, such as fried fish, fry bread (lángos) and pancake. Some toys are available for kids while deckchairs and tables for adults to rest and enjoy the view over the Danube. There is a vivid nightlife here too with parties and concerts.

The biking road turns right and leaves the river and takes you to the other side of the rails through an underpass to Duna Street. Turning right to Játék Street and then left and right again you will get to Leányka Street. Reaching the flyover ride under the bridge and continue to Kővirág Street along the noise barrier.

Passing the bus terminus follow Kővirág Street slightly curving to the right along the rails. This is the garden suburb of Kelenvölgy, District 11. Take the first street on the left, the narrow Hárfa Street, and crossing Hunyadi Street you will reach the bottom of a hill along Bezdán Street. Turning left to Tó Street you will arrive at a hidden gem of the area: Blue Pond.

Blue Pond Blue Pond (Kék-tó), the former mine pit in Kelenvölgy is used as a fishing pond with carps, catfish, pikes, crucian carps and grass carps. A playground and a path around the pond offer other ways of enjoying nature as well.

Turn right and along Felsőgalla Street and Állvány Street you will reach the rails again. Through the underpass you will get to Vasvirág Street. Turning left and riding along the rails take the first right at the roundabout (Tomaj Street) and then the second left (Bodola Lajos Street). The street will take you to a friendly park called Arany Dániel Square hidden among detached homes. A great place to take a rest and refill your bottles at the drinking well.

Continuing on Bodola Lajos Street you will get to Keserű-ér (Bitter Brook). Crossing the footbridge ride ahead and take the second right (Csurgói Street). The fifth street on the left (Albert Street) will take you to the panel block area of Kelenföld. After a long ride among panel buildings pass around the last one and take Etele Street and Hengermalom Street that will take you back to Szerémi Street. From Szerémi Street just follow the same route back to Móricz Zsigmond Square.

Móricz Zsigmond Square Móricz Zsigmond Square is one of the most important intersections of Budapest. The most distinctive building on the square, nicknamed as the Mushroom, used to function as a tram loop. By today it has been transformed into cafés and a customer service center of the Budapest Public Transport Company.