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Calvary Hill and environs

Apart from natural treasures, Calvary Hill also boasts significant built structures.

Visitors approaching Tata will catch sight of the bare hilltop with the Calvary, the work of Antal Schweiger made around 1770, standing on the crest of steep white cliffs from afar. At the foot of the cross there is Mary Magdalene, while on either side the Blessed Virgin Mary and St John can be seen. The figures of the thieves are depicted in distorted postures nailed to crosses resembling tree trunks.

The small chapel and the lookout tower commemorate Jakab Fellner, who played a significant role in the forming of Tata’s townscape of baroque atmosphere. The chapel was built on the ruins of an old church dedicated to St John the Baptist. The lookout used to function as a shot-

casting tower. It is 40 meters tall with 200 steps leading to the top.

East of the chapel there emerges a water tower with a capacity of 500 cubic metres. The structure that supplies the town with water was built in 1968. It is listed as a registered monument and, apart from its technical function operated by the water company, its spacious interior is also used for temporary exhibitions. Moreover, thanks to its excellent acoustics, they also put on concerts in it.